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An 18th century ship skeleton was unearthed in the hole that is Ground Zero.  What else gets used as infill aside from old ships?  Yet time is catching up fast with this relic.  With it only recently being exposed to the air, the wood is disintegrating fast.


The [Recovering Berlin] competition is officially closed, thank you everyone for submitting your designs. The proposals were very diverse and there were alot of really interesting ideas. We kicked off the jury today with a discussion at Columbia University GSAPP with Mark Collins of Proxy, Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG and Ed Keller of aum. It was a really productive conversation and exposed alot of the issues addressed by the entries. Since we have a number of jurers responding remotely, we will keep the conversation going over the weekend and choose winners Sunday night. We have put edited clips from the discussion on the “Video” page, as well as all the entries on the “Competition Entries” page for the jurors to consider. We will post the winners Monday morning.

All submissions must take the form of one (1) 8.5″ x 11″ image, landscape format TIFF at 300 dpi. Each proposal should be sent to along with an e-mail stating which of the (3) protocol types were used, and which of the (5) project issues the proposal addresses (check the Competition Brief for detailed descriptions). Applicants may submit more than one submission, but each should be sent in a separate e-mail.

5 project issues: Institutional Identity, Programmatic Conflict (Security/Public Space), Program Temporality, Monumentality/Physical Permanence, Site (Berlin Identity).

3 protocol types: Designer/Technology (Scripts/Software)Person/Public (Codes/Legal Frameworks), Public/Technology (Biological Feedback/Digital Interfaces)

The EU HQ project is a seed for reconstituting the politics and economy of matter in Berlin.  It reinterprets the built environment and the rebuilt environment.