PMC (Private Military Company): a $100 billion per year industry. Companies like Halliburton (an oilfield services corporation that was audited and accused of overcharging the Pentagon for oil and for getting special treatment in operations in Iraq, Kuweit and the Balkans) and Blackwater (renamed Xe, a private military security firm) are in this sector which is hired by the military when it cannot keep up with the manpower demands of wartime operations. Such firms are hired under No-Bid Contracts, also known as “sole source contracts,” which grant exclusive contracts of operation to singular contractors. These are illegal in the EU, but are used by the American military in cases of urgency. Under Coalition Provisional Authority Order 17, contractors were “not subject to Iraqi laws and regulations.” The exclusive contract compounded by Order 17 result in a lot of economic and political power and leniency to unaccountable corporations.

These ideas can be the background foundation for our project. The automated architectural machine thus starts by providing reconstruction and housing services in extreme conditions of natural or warfare disasters. They are contracted by means of this No Bid Contract and receive more and more exemptions from local law throughout the world in order to facilitate and accelerate their operations, under the rationale of extreme urgency.